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Mysterious Cederberg Mountains

The Cederberg mountains are a feast to the imagination.

We take a 3 day trip to these amazing mountains. Camping or by Chalets

We are going to visit awesome rock formations and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the landscape. A mere 2 hr Drive from Cape Town, it is a place to enjoy walking and hiking.

These Mountain are named after the unique CEDER trees which are an endangered specie and they only grow on the tops of these mountain range.

We will visit the amazing rock formations of the Stad Saal and it's Rock Paintings dating more than 20000 years old.

We take a fantastic Hike up to the Wolfang Cracks where we go into the earth's openings and get into a misterious looking rock landscape.
We also take a hike up to the giant Maltese Cross which stands on top of these rugged but beautiful Mountains.

All these are easy walks with fantastic Scenery for you to enjoy the piece and tranquility of this "away from it all place".

Ceder tree and Ceder seed pods. Endangered Specie indigenous only to these mountains.

Lets begin by travelling pass Algeria into the heart of the mountains.

We start the visit with the Stad Saal where wind erosion has done its thing!

The landscape offer unequal views to your soul.

We then go back in time and visit some Bushmen Paintings dated more than 20000 years old.


The Stad Saal!!

Lets go up Maltese Cross.

We take a hike up to the top of the mountain where we get to  a rock with a unique shape.


Ok so we are now impressed with all these rocks, but you have not seen anything yet. Now we take a hike up the mountains again and we visit the world of the Wolfberg Cracks.

We take a rest under the rocks while we go up.

The view from the top is fantastic.

I have no words for this!!

We then enter the cracks and a new world unfolds!!

Inside the magic of the Cracks one feels as if you are in another planet.

We carry on along the cracks towards the opening at the top, but this is no easy trip. You have to crawl, walk through boulders and climb up small crevices.

yep its hard work but in the end it is worth it!!

An get the to the TOP.

The view is absolutely fantastic.

The Cederberg Mountains will appeal to your sense of peace and quietness. It is a place to get inspired and a place to be one with nature.

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