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Climb KILIMANJARO and say:     "I was at the Top of Africa"

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Second day you walk up, up and up on lava flow. Landscape is rough,
semi desert but awesome

Lava rocks


Second Day at Kilimanjaro

We got up at 7:30 am and were very cold. I made scrambled eggs with tomato, bread and had porridge afterwards. As we were in no hurry we took it easy and were the last ones to leave the camp. By now it was obvious that we would be sharing the climb with at least 40 or 50 other people.

The climb to Shira camp was very steep the whole day. We walked at a gradient of 45 to 50 degrees the entire day. The sun shone its warmth on us while we walked. The climbing was slow and very trying. The views fantastic and the vegetation is amazing. The hills where covered by beautiful evergreen flowers and beautiful lobelia stumps stared at us as we passed, greeting us.



Second camp has the most amazing view of the Summit!

My guide seems to be struggling with his bag, so he walks unbalanced all the time.

Anyway, we got to Shira camp, which sits on a lava flow bed and has an amazing view of kilimanjaro summit and Mount meru in the far horizon.

My head is hurting a bit but not too much. I started taking the altitude tablets. I feel ok otherwise.



I prepared a tomato and cucumber salad for lunch (which was a real treat). I made rice and pesto sauce and a soup for dinner.

We have had moon at night and the summit looks awesome at night. We can also see millions of stars tinkling in the sky, and to our luck we saw a beautiful shooting star today. We walked for 5hrs.

Shira camp


A bird that everyone calls Tennis balls! comes to visit every night.

as it gets colder they puff up and end up looking exactly like their name suggests.

Kilimanjaro's shadow on Mount Meru.

Making love to each other every night!!

Lobelias Close at night and open during the day, You can almost see it happen

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