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Climb KILIMANJARO and say:     "I was at the Top of Africa"

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Third Day is tough and long, walking on rocky terrain but with spectacular Views!



Third Day at Kilimanjaro

What a day!!, Very trying and very intensive. We got up early and left camp for Lava Tower which sits half way to today’ destination. It is a long, long gentle uphill but the altitude started to take a toll. We walked slowly at a pace of 1 step a second. One cannot go any faster. We arrived at lava tower for lunch. Most of the landscape was a mixture of dust and low vegetation with massive black boulders that looked as if someone had just dropped them there in the middle of nowhere.


Shira Plateau

There was fantastic view of kilimanjaro and we are so close to it that one can almost touch the glaciers.

We climbed the lava tower and the view from it’s top is WOW!!!!!.With Kilimanjaro in the one side and the plains of Tanzania in the opposite, with mount meru protruding from these flat plains.





Cenisio tree!!


One of the wonders of Kilimanjaro

We left after lunch and walked to barranco camp. We went from 4600 mt down to 3800 mt. through very rough terrain, passing a forest of magnificent Cecinio trees. These trees are very eerie as they look like overgrown aloes that are about to topple over. We arrived exhausted with a headache and hungry. We made soup, which helped us to recover. It got cold very quickly (-2degrees). I cooked rice with a tomato and cucumber salad. We had some coffee and went straight to bed. Watching the top of kilimanjaro change colors with the sunset was amazing. 


The road today was hard, dusty and long. We walked fro 8:30 am to 16:45. What a day!. To top it all There was a couple of French guys camping next to us, one of which developed altitude sickness breathing problems and their guide did not know what to do with him. I helped them by showing them some exercises to get some extra oxygen into their lungs and told them that they must get down the next day. I am Zat!! So I am going to sleep, Good night..... 

Sunset Behind Kilimanjaro!

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