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Climb KILIMANJARO and say:     "I was at the Top of Africa"

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Fourth day we decided to carry on all the way to Barafu camp.
It was long and we had to carry all the needed water.

4th Day at Kilimanjaro

We got up early and decided to try to get to barafu camp today (this is the last camp before the summit). The start of the walk was what they call “the breakfast climb”. What a climb!!. You climb a hill at 70 to 80 degrees gradient through rocky terrain for the first 1 ˝ hour. It was cold and exhausting.

We then carried on for another 3hrs until we reached the second last camp (we were supposed to camp here for the night). We had lunch here and wet our feet in freezing cold water. The walk to this point was long and tiring. We decided to carry on to barafu camp instead of staying here as I felt strong and the weather looked good.

    Leaving 3rd camp

Icicle greeting us to the top!


We had to carry all the water we will need for the next 2 days from this point. So a 5-lt drum plus 2 times 2 liters bottles, and 2 one-liter bottles, this makes extra 10 kg all of a sudden. WOW!! My back.


Lava Rocky Landscape


 We decided not to stay at this camp and carry on to base camp



We started climbing slowly at a pace of 1 step per second, and it was up and up and up. It took us another 3 ˝ hours. My guide got sick and luckily a porter passed by and we paid him 5000 tsh to carry his bag to barafu.

Final Road to Barafu. My guide in trouble (white spot).

Barafu Camp, We're ready for the climb!

I went slowly ahead and when I got there, it was cold and very crowded. (5:30 Pm). We prepared a noodle masamorra and ate it without complaining. Too tired, too hungry and with a headache. Went to rest at 8:00 Pm. It was so cold that we had to cook inside the tent. I was not sure that this was a wise decision to get to this camp so soon.



Kilimanjaro , We'll be there soon!!

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