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Climb KILIMANJARO and say:     "I was at the Top of Africa"

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7 Hrs of  70 degrees gradient at a pace of 1 step every 2 to 3 seconds!!, but it is Worth it...

Barafu Camp at the bottom from Stella Point

We started the way down!


We found one Very Sick Frenchman!!


View of the path down from Barafu


 Leaving Barafu Camp

Kilimanjaro saying: Well done!!

Going down, The 5th Day

After reaching Stella point, I said good-bye to kilimanjaro. We decided we cannot sty any longer; too cold, too exhausted.


We started the descent and it was much easier and much more fun. You go down a route 50 mt to the left of the ascending one. 80% of it is loose gravel, so you grab speed and each step becomes a 1 to 2-mt descent because the ground slides under your feet. You must just keep your balance and watch out for large stones.

We kept going like this for almost 2hrs until we reached hard ground. We were by now so tired that many times we stopped to rest and almost fell asleep on the spot.



2 hours later we were back at Barafu camp.

Your body so tired that there are no words to describe it.



We collected our bags, found a spot, took our sleeping mats out and just lied down to try and sleep. We were very hungry but all we could muster in the form of food, was to open a tin of peaches and cream and gulped it down in seconds. We fell asleep for about 1 hour but I was too tired to carry on sleeping.






Back at barafu camp, feeling absolutely exhausted.





The bad news was that we could not stay at this camp, as there is no water. So after resting for about 3 hrs, we forced ourselves to leave for millennium camp, which is 1 hour away of steep downhill all the way to it.

We reached the camp at about 1:30 pm. We made a good meal, prepared coffee and got into our sleeping bags to rest. I cannot describe with words how absolutely finished I felt. We had been awake since the beginning of the 4th day, so it is for 30 hrs that we have not slept, plus a little climb in between. This was not just us, but for every one that attempts the summit in a 6 day hike. Everyone you see at this camp is finished, exhausted and just wants to rest. We fell asleep almost instantly.

 Ready to rest at millennium camp..

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