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Namaqualand Flower Tour

It is the month of September and only for a short period, normally 2 weeks, the Namaqualand puts up the most amazing display of colours with it's annual flowers which have been waiting the year through to paint the landscape.

We will go North from Cape town and visit the West Coast, together with the Namaqualand area of Niewoudtville (Bulb Capital of the world) and Springbok, the heart of the Namaqualand.

We start by visiting the West Coast National Park.

Flowers of all sorts and colours are waiting for us.

The West Coast National Park offers unique Flowers. I'm one of them!

Bushman Paintings

We go inland and visit on the way some Bushman Paintings which date thousands of years back.

So we now get serious about the trip and head north towards Niewoudtville to se if we can find some bulbs, and we also visit a forest of Quiver trees, very eerie  stuff!!

Quiver Tree Forest. It is about 39 degrees Celcius.

We find amazing flowers with a beetle mark on the petals to attract real beetles for pollination.


We carry on north and travel to Springbok where we visit Goegap and Skilpad Nature reserve. Your eyes can not believe that there can be so many flowers.

Just look at this and tell me it is not beautiful!!

Life is everywhere in this part of the world.

If its flowers you seek, this is the right place.

Skilpad Nature Reserve

Do I pass as a daisy??


Mountains covered with their natural multi-colour coat await us. Our souls become very happy.


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