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Land of Space and Peace)

We travel for 14 days through the most amazing land of contrast and beauty. It is a photographer's paradise.
Normally done in Camping style, but it can also be done Lodge to Lodge.

Our trip starts by visiting the grandeur of the Fish River Canyon. This is the second largest canyon in the world, and it fills you with awe that makes you feel so small. We then travel to Aus and visit the Desert Wild Horses.
We make our way via the Naukluf Park to Sessriem and Sossusvlei, and the Highest Dunes in the world. From here we travel through the flat desert landscape of Kuiseb pass to the coastal town of Swakopmund to cool off. We then head to the north, visiting the amazing granite mountains of Spitzkops, and we travel all the way to the extint volcano Brandberg where we reach the land of the Himbas.
We go to Etosha and enjoy 4x4 Safari, where see amazing wildlife. We finally travel through the Caprivi Strip to Chobe National park for a river and ground Safari. We end with a visit to Victoria falls in Zimbabwe.

It is an Awesome Journey, filled with incredible landscapes, fun activities and unforgettable experiences.


Fish River Canyon, is majestic!!!

After this we head towards Namtib Farm, in the middle of the Naukluf Desert. This is really paradise in the desert.

Namtib farm majic

Peace and tranquility are the main attractions, where you can relax and enjoy the soul of this place.


So if it is peace you are looking for, then lets go to the dessert, the most magical place in Africa, Sossusvlei.

This is a place to let your soul wonder, at peace with yourself and the place.

Hey, this is really artists and photographer's paradise



Playing in Dead Vlei

So, we leave the desert and wee head towards the coast, creatures and flora greet us all through the trip.

We reach the coast and visit Walvis Baai. The salt pans are a Caleidoscope of colours.


We finally visit Etosha, the Great White Place!!!
And this time, the salt pan was filled with water.

Etosha Pan Filled with Water.

So we leave Namibia and its wonders, and it leaves us with a feeling of peace and a must to return to this land of Space and Beauty.

Images of this land will remain with us Forever!!

The Himba or Ocre People of Namibia

Ant hills that are a engineering wonder.

Good Bye Namibia!!!!

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